Borrower Portal

This portal provides an area exclusively dedicated to debt management meaning that you can consult and analyze the outstanding debt to Finsolutia and the portfolios we manage in one single place.

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Payment methods

Various payment methods are available. We strive to assist you in keeping your account current. Please contact your account manager to discuss in further detail the payment methods that are available to you.



You may write a check to make a payment. Please write the loan reference number that was provided to you on the check.


Cash Deposit

You may make a cash deposit payment by using the bank account and the loan reference number that were provided to you.


Direct Debit

It is the most efficient and reliable payment method, because it is monitored and protected by your own bank and it is linked to our system.


Wire Transfer

Use the IBAN number that was provided to you, to wire your payment. Please do not forget to add the loan reference number within the wire description.