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What is it
Lending-as-a Service?

Technology is the centre of modern lending, without which a lender will have growth and scale problems and could become more sales effective.

Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS) could be considered an essential component under the giant umbrella of Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS). LaaS is based only on business technology and services, not money lending.

LaaS is an alternative to traditional in-house custom-developed or BPM-built lending platforms, providing lenders with the technology and resources to manage their business digitally end-to-end.

LaaS is not the single use case for providing or managing loans online, but the LaaS model automates the lending origination and servicing processes and streamlines it so borrowers can get loans managed in an adequate time. Using algorithms and decision models allows a LaaS platform to leverage the data and technology to assess loan applications as accurately as possible and manage them efficiently in the Servicing life cycle.

Lending as a Service

Finsolutia LaaS Solution

Finsolutia provides a multi-tenant lending cloud-based solution which supports the loans business's entire value chain.

This solution platform uses the latest technology trends of the market, allowing lending financial entities to create, configure and manage lending financial services business autonomously, on-demand and aligned with a Pay-per-Use economic model.

Our LaaS model allows clients to speed up their origination processing times and de-mystify their servicing policies. Still, it also provides the ability to offer personalized experiences based on each loan type seeker's needs.

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Lending Business Processes

Business Goals

Support loans mansgement business’s entire value chain based on a Pay-per-Use economic model (from SaaS to BPaaS)



Business & Technology Expertise

Provides the best experience, skills and technology standards to face our clients lending challenges



Cloud-based plataform

Provides a multi-tenant lending cloud-based solution that uses the latest market technologies.

Finsolutia LaaS

Benefits & Advantages

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Operational efficiency

Processes represent 70% of a credit product. The key is in automation through technology with an end-to-end platform and specialized services.

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Customer Focus

Our LaaS business and operational model allows our clients to focus on attracting and converting leads into new loan production. They provide superior services to their customers through the origination and servicing loan life cycle using the most recent and updated technological tools and solutions.

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Scalability and Agility

The complexity and challenges of the current business loan environment demand flexible and agile technological and business loan platforms capable of efficiently addressing those challenges.

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Cutting-edge solution at a reduced cost

A LaaS solution should easily access and integrate with our client's business value chain and IT applications ecosystem through APIs. Consolidates multiple banking systems into one platform and delivers an intuitive software interface for how today's lenders and servicers operate at a flexible and reduced cost..

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Informed Decision Making

Process automation and data integration facilitate better-informed decisions regarding cross-selling, up-sell, and credit risk decisions, leaving at the same time the operation flow traceability for internal auditors or external regulators.

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Compliance Risk

External and internal compliance is omnipresent in any loan management process and needs to be continuously updated, monitored, and reported without causing regulatory disruption.

Finsolutia LaaS Platform

4 Sight

4 Sight is our next-generation secure cloud-based, single end-to-end (E2E) platform for the loan management value chain. This solution empowers all the stakeholders (internal and external) engaged in this business value chain with true insight, from the originated leads until the loan's closing.

4 Sight could interoperate or substitute our client’s core and transactional systems and even replace multi-point solutions and manual-based processes, enabling our clients to obtain the following benefits:

Our solution was designed by Loan Specialists who deeply understand how the entire Loan Management business operates and is easily capable of integrating with other client business application ecosystems.

It serves Lenders, Loan Servicers, Mortgage Servicers, Mortgage Sub-Servicers, REO Managers, Investors, Vendors, Brokers and Attorneys to operate their business processes more efficiently while delivering more excellent shareholder value and exceeding customer expectations.

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Having an E2E lending-as-a-service solution

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Allowing operational costs and risks reduction

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Providing a faster time-to-market solution

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Driving regulatory compliance and efficiency

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Enabling a fully digital experience

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Expanding customer relationships

4 Sight

One platform to support all the stages of a loan life cycle

The 4 Sight solution supports all the stages of a loan life cycle and empowers all the business lines and stakeholders of a loan business value chain with true insight from the originated leads until the loan's closing. Additionally, our solution extends the loan value chain to a set of third-party stakeholders involved in the lending business ecosystem.

4 Sight integrates with the lending organisation's core and transactional systems while replacing multi-point solutions and manual-based processes.

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    Lead Manager

    Generation and qualification of commercial loan leads via different stakeholders and channels.

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    A fully integrated loan commercial, underwriting and operational module that supports all the digital channels, business, and legal rules in a short time to market deployment.

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    Loan Manager

    Empowers servicers by providing them with a single integrated platform to manage the performing and non-performing loans and its collaterals.

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    Property Manager

    Provides the capacity and capability to manage the entire lifecycle of a property, from the collateral stage of a loan all the way through the sales stages.

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    Fully integrated vendor partner portal, which allows direct communication with service providers and the receipt of uniformized report information.

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4S Analytics

The platform ensures the centralization of data and the provision of detailed management information in multiple formats, allowing the customization of reports and dashboards, leveraging high flexibility and autonomy in managing the business and a 360 view of all operations.

4 Sight


The 4 Sight platform also includes integrated cross-features and support tools for all the business components of a loan value chain.

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Mobile App

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GDPR Compliance

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Multi Language

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Multi Loan Types & Portifolios

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SOA/API Achitecture

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Digital Signature

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Users Management & Profiling

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Data Security & Privacy

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Multi Country

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Multi Label

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SMS / E-mail

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Documents & Photos CM

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Invoice System

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Workflow Management

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Score Engine

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CTI Management

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Help - Desk

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Cash Flow Management

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AI / Machine Learn

4 Sight

Success Stories

The expansion to related B2C businesses across the lending ecosystem, leveraged by the 4 Sight Platform, is the success proof of a tested technology managed by an experienced Finsolutia team.

logo Twinkloo

Online Mortgage Broker

Regulated consumer credit intermediary company fully approved to operate in Spain and Portugal, dedicated to providing mortgage products to home buyers and debt consolidation products.

logo Sell an Go

Online Instant Real Estate Buyer

Digital platform that buys homes directly from consumers, leveraging on the deep knowledge & infrastructure of the different companies.

logo Nolon


The brand used by Finsolutia for real estate brokerage services completes the value proposition, ensuring presence across the whole Real Estate asset value chain.

4 Sight

Case Study

Service provider for residential mortgages loan origination business at Banco CTT

Development of an end-to-end customer journey, from the simulation to the evaluation and mortgage contract activation, comprising the complete product lifecycle management.

Banco CTT

Banco Ctt

In 6 months, Banco CTT could simplify its origination process, turning it into an agile, effective and efficient operation. The 4 Sight platform additionally allowed for resource allocation optimization and precise control of costs and performance, supporting the origination and servicing of mortgage business operations.

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